Monday, 15 October 2012

US Presidential Elections 2012.Obama wins?

It is really interesting to note that as the focus of the world is being turned on the US election,we need to understand that times have changed where the most popular mantra was YES WE CAN and now I believe it has now turned to a question of CAN WE?
Beloved times have changed and I believe that when we stick to God He will sustain us in Jesus name.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Global Revolutions!!!Egypt,Saudi Arabia,Libya,Yemen,Tunisia

As the world witness the current wave of upheavals sweeping across the Middle East and parts of north Africa,it brings to mind a reminder that no condition is permanent.
From Tunisia in North Africa,Egypt the land of pyramids,mummies with tourists destinations that beggars belief,Yemen part of the oil rich region of the world,Morroco,Saudi Arabia the land of Islamic pilgrimage with a very important religious significance and currently Libya with Col Muammar Gaddafi and son Saif Gaddafi trying to assert authority in a country which has been caught up in a sweeping wave of a supposedly people's revolution.
Beloved it is the wave with which this is happenning that brings to mind that believers ought to know that it does not matter how long you find yourself in a situation that does not bring you joy.
This is true on the basis that when God's timing for deliverance comes, nothing stops it.
I can admit that when you keep your focus on The Lord and remain solid in your trust for Him,He will show up at the point of your greatest need.
We are ever ready to join you in prayer to break what seems to be the unbreakables in your life.

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It is never over until it is all over.
Stay blessed.
Daily Bible Reading :Psalm 20

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Persisting In Global Power Possession(1)

Luke 18:1 entreats Christians, believers in the gospel, children of God,the God of Israel,Abraham,Moses,King David,Elijah and Elisha to always pray and not faint.
This is why the ANOINTED PRAYER LINES the CROSSING-OVER PRAYER LINE will not stop prevailing upon our quest to constantly and effectively in a powerful spirit of fervency Pray Until Something Happens(PUSH).
We will keep PUSHING and ultimately continue to cross over in possessing our possessions.
We will never say it is over until it is all over for ALL.
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And you will join the passion filled saints for an unprecedented encounter with Jehovah and Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

Meet you at The Power Prayer Grounds.

God bless you.

Anointed Joshua

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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Appointment With God!!!

The world always wait in awe for great and miraclous happennings.They all begin with an utterance of powerful living words from Jehovah God.
These key prayer answering words of faith and grace is always accessed when we go into God's presence in passionate prayer.
This is exactly what we are all going to do.
It is happenning again after God's historic launch of The CROSSING OVER PRAYER LINE.
With sincere and grateful powerful submissions of testimonies from Sista Moveta,Esnas,Brother Emmanuel and others from London,Uk,Awuramaa Ocran and others from USA,Obama's America inspite of the mid-term elections,Kwame from Japan,and a host of others from Ghana,Korea and over the world we can but only make a new appointment to meet with The King of Kings,Jesus Christ of Nazareth.
The upcoming encounter with Jehovah God of the heavens is Sunday 17th October 2010 from 2330hrs-0030hrs GMT
Please call 001-916-233-2999 access code 738 332#
Beloved tell and forward to as many as you can and lets maximise the supreme power of collective prayer to CROSS OVER TO POSSESS OUR POSSESSIONS.
You are blessed and highly favoured.
Meet you in The Lords presence.
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Monday, 11 October 2010

A World On Its Knees-Prayers,Praise,Power,Possessions

From Penge West in London,to Japan in Asia,United States,the land of the free world and the catchment area of Barrack Obama,to Ghana,Africa's former Gold Coast,and from all over the world,believers and saints of God got to their knees and reclaimed their positions for a change,that activates the cross over the Jordan and brings breakthroughs to possess our possessions.

The 10th(day) of the 10th(month) of the 10th(year)-101010 was the day that all those who got connected historically joined in launhing this divinely inspired anointed prayer lines,the CROSSING OVER PRAYER LINES AND ANOINTED PRAYER LINES.

These are new phenomenons in a push to maximise the capacity and potentials of our collective and joint power of prayers of agreement.

Anointed Joshua,led and called by Jehovah God as He called Joshua of Israel to lead Israel to the promised land,is putting everything into the great sacrifice and service of God to lead all saints to access their promises in The Lord.

Great thanks and blessings to all who made it to the maiden session and I pray from my heart and spirit that all others connected and yet to be connected will taste and feed on the goodness of God's blessings.

The next session will be posted soon.So please keep visiting and forward this good news to as many as you can.

God richly bless you!!!!!

In The Service Of God
Anointed Joshua

Crossing Over Prayer Line

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